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Reliable Singapore Based Business Loan Provider


Achieve your enterprise goals faster with financial assistance from Casa 8 Credit. We are a reliable lending agency based in Singapore with a proven track record of providing business owners with timely loans with flexible repayment conditions. Casa 8 Credit are proud to provide financial assistance for all your company’s needs.

Being a successful entrepreneur necessitates taking calculated risks. For your enterprise to grow and prosper, you sometimes need to make bold financial moves and literally put your money where your mouth is. As a fervent supporter of Singapore’s commerce sector, we are proud to help local enterprise grow and succeed.

Both small and large companies are welcome to apply for loans with us. Whether you seek to maintain business operations, invest in equipment or finance new ventures, you can rely on us for quality financial assistance.


What is a Business Loan?

With business loans, we offer you a stipulated sum of money over a predetermined period with competitive interest rate. Because we believe in maximizing the loan to assist in your business funding, there is no administrative fee deduction for business loans.

To be eligible to apply, please bring along a copy of the following:

    • Your latest ACRA business profile


  • Proof that your business has been incorporated for at least 2 years

These short-term finance loans can be highly beneficial in keeping up a steady cash flow and helping you manage your finances during tough times. With our business loans, you will be able to pay for one-off expenses or even fund your business expansion plans.

At Casa 8 Credit, we allow the borrower to decide upon the amount of funds and also decide the length of time over which the loan will extend. Unlike many other loan providers, we understand that business can be unpredictable and that sometimes it can be challenging to meet your financial obligations. Because of this, we offer flexible repayment schedules.


Singapore’s Most Trusted Providers

If you have a business or financial emergencies, approach our company today. We offer the best business loans in Singapore and can customise our services to meet your specific financial needs. Casa 8 Credit provides a variety of business loans at reasonable rates. Don’t worry about qualifying, as we try to ensure our loans are accessible to everyone and require that you meet only the basic assessment criteria. With our services, you don’t have wait for days or months to get your loans approved. With our simple application procedure and fast processing times, we can approve you in as little as a day. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us or call (+65) 834 42789 / Whatsapp (+65) 8429 4933 .